glutax 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening


glutax 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening

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glutax 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening

Composizions: /Ingredients,

2 x flaconi 25ml 

Micro Nano L-gluathione 1k (10000mg )

sulforafano 25000mg

2 x flaconi 15ml

Trimoist-CM-glucano 1500mg

Acid Cogico 500mg

2 x flaconi 13ml

OxiForce TM 375mg

D-ribosio 125mg

5 x  fiale

Nano Canapa Estratto 50mg

acido ascorbico 1500mg

 collagene idrolizzato 500mg

5mlx2 fiale

bacillus coagulans GBI-30 150mg

acida alfa lipoico 600mg, 

2ml x 2 fiale

PhytopinTM 225 mcg

Ginseng 625mg

 selenio 400mg

2ml x 4 fiale

Actizymne E3M-M NPI 650mg

Epidermal Growth Factor 2000mg

For order whatsapp +60132880289 if have any quesitons. 

How to use? 

1 set is 1 powder and 2 liquid. 

By Iv 

1. use 1 set in tray 1 Box A.  Repeat for 3 sets 

2, use 1 set in tray 1 Box B.  Repeat for 3 sets 

3. use 1 set in tray 2 Box A.  Repeat for 3 sets 

4, use 1 set in tray 2 Box B.  Repeat for 3 sets 

Total 12 sets. 

By Drip, 

1. use all 3  sets in tray 1 Box A. 

2.  use all 3  sets in tray 1 Box B 

3. use  all 3  sets in tray 2 Box A. 

4.  use all 3  sets in tray 2 Box B 

For customer with low blood pressure or having gastric problem, its a must to eat their food before administer the supplement. 

Product Descriptions: 
Two (2) Boxes of Glutax 1000g-X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening ~ total 12 vials powder  + 24 liquid ampoules . Expiry Date : 2019 
each box comes with 2 boxes. 
Place of Origin : Italy 

GLUTAX 1000g-X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening 

Trimoist-CM-Glucano It 'a potent biological agent that improves the skin's resistance against oxidative stress induced by UV-A and protects the skin from environmental stress. CM Glucan also has an even firming and wrinkle reduction around the eyes. 

Oxy Force is a safe alternative to harsh cleaners and spotters. The hydrogen peroxide will brighten and clean hard surfaces and carpeted areas. Eliminate those unwanted carpet spots and clean with the power of hydrogen peroxide and citrus oils all in one with H2O2 Oxy-Force. 
The D-ribosio is a carbohydrate . It is a monosaccharide having, in the open form, all the groups hydroxyl facing to the right. It is a pentose essential for living beings. It is contained in each cell and is part of complex structures such as the ' ribonucleic acid (RNA) el ' adenosine triphosphate (ATP). 

At room temperature, it is a white odorless powder. It is a compound chiral ; living systems use for their metabolic cycles the only enantiomer D. 

Like all pentoses , the hexoses and eptosi that have a sufficient number of atoms to be able to fold ring, the open form is in equilibrium with the cyclic form hemiacetal , which is obtained by reaction between the carbonyl el ' hydroxyl linked to the penultimate atom of carbon of the chain. Since the ring consists of five atoms (four carbon and one oxygen), it is said to act as the D -ribosio furanose , mainly β-furanose. The furanose ring can exist in different configurations, he said α and β, depending on whether the new group -OH, obtained by the opening of the double bond carbonyl , lie below or above the average plane of the molecule. The cyclic form is obtained naturally to the hemiacetal bond between carbon 1 and carbon 4. The cyclic D -ribosio is present in the trans form (α) or in the cis form (β). The β form is the most widespread and presents the hydroxyl group linked to carbon 1 in the equatorial position. 

The D-ribosio binds to a nitrogenous base through β-glycoside bond, which is formed by loss of a molecule of water between carbon 1 and the free amino group of the nitrogenous base (thus forming a nucleoside , which will have different names Depending on the nitrogenous base linked). The D -ribosio esterofosforico may also form a bond with the oxygen of a residue of phosphoric acid and its carbon 5 or 3. In this case we speak of nucleotide , compound composed of a nitrogenous base, a residue of D-ribosio and by a phosphate group. 

Reducing Age Spot 
Reducing Pigmentation & Freckles 
Fair Skin & Firm Skin 
Boost Energy 
Radiants Complexion 
Smooth Skin & Soft Skin 
Reducing Fine Lines & Wrinkles 
Improve Immuse System 
Liver Health & Improve Sleep Quality 
Improve the Brightness & Radiants of the Skin 
Improve the Unbalance Skin Tone 
Promoting Firmness & Elasticity of the Skin 

Recommend Dosage: 

This product is administered by intravenously (IV) (Always consult your physician) 

One set (1 vial + 2 ampoules) injection every week for 1 or 2 months (depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintenance. Use box 1 tray 1 - 3 times injection first, then use box 2 tray 1 - 3 times injection, after that come back to box 1 tray 2 - 3 times injection, again to box 2 tray 2 - 3 times injection. 
Not Suitable for: 

Breast feeder 
Injection on women period 
Allergy to vitamin (any kind) 
Patient with cardiovascular problem 

Payment: Paypal 


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glutax 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening

glutax 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening

glutax 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Whitening

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